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Under the ambition of making all chain-based NFTs in the world tradeable through Sole-X, TriumphX’s first cross-chain project Sole-X was launched. Sole-X was developed based on Klayton, Kakao’s blockchain network, but through a technology called Orbit Chain, you can trade within the market with NFTs and coins based on other chains. Let’s take a closer look at how cross-chain technology has changed the NFT marketplace.

Sole-X beta — 2 chains, 3 wallets, 4 coins available for trading

Unlike general NFT marketplaces where only single chain transactions are possible, Sole-X aims for free transactions between all…

TriumphX is in its final stage to launch secret weapon Sole-X, the cross-chain NFT marketplace. It has been delayed than expected because we have been developing user-friendly designs to make convenient transactions upon launching. However, we have decided not to keep it longer, and push ahead with its opening in April.

We repeatedly mentioned that Sole-X is a cross-chain tradable NFT marketplace. We have been hiding the existence of Orbit Chain, which serves as a bridge to provide users with a convenient cross-chain trading environment.

For example, if you link Ethereum based metamask wallet to Klaytn based Sole-X and send…

TriumphX, a developer of a cross-chain-based decentralized NFT platform, announced that it will release the works of Collective Yuwol, a project team consisting of two artists Hee-seung Lee and Hyunjoo Cho, with TriumphX NFTs.

Artist Hee-seung Lee (tripleA), a member of Collective Yuwol, had an opportunity to continue her work that had been interrupted when she released NFT through TriumphX. Based on this, the artist formed a two-person project team and plans to work under the name of Collective Yuwol in the future.

Hee-seung Lee(tripleA) is an artist who captures and records moments when everyday objects feel unfamiliar. Her work…

TriumphX, a developer of a cross-chain-based decentralized NFT platform, signed an MOU with World Vision (Chairman Myung-Hwan Myung), an international relief and development NGO that solves poverty and inequality problems of vulnerable children, families and communities around the world through practical love. He said that he decided to cooperate to create a new sharing culture using NFT.

TriumphX has recently partnered with SPECIAL ARTS, a social enterprise that supports the social independence of artists with developmental disabilities, and released the works of three artists C.One.C, KevinKang, and TAG100 through NFT. …

TriumphX, a developer of a cross-chain-based decentralized NFT platform, recruited Namjeahyun as a new artist and released his first NFT series, and Chuseok event is going on as well.

TriumphX has recently released the works of Special Art, Byundaeyong, and ENJO as NFTs and is updating NFT sales records every day, especially in the case of the first edition of each work. It was sold out on the same day, and it is getting a good response from the community. In response, TriumphX accelerated the recruitment of new promising artists, and this time recruited Namjeahyun.

Artist Namjeahyun majored in Oriental…

TriumphX, a developer of a cross-chain-based decentralized NFT platform, announced that it has hired ENJO as a new artist and has released his work as an NFT.

TriumphX said that the sales of the recently launched Special ARTS and NFT by Byundaeyong are steadily increasing day by day. TriumphX is accelerating the recruitment of new artists, and this time, they decided to introduce ENJO as a new NFT artist.

Artist ENJO graduated from the Department of Sculpture at Dong-A University’s College of Art and majored in art education at the Graduate School of Education at Dong-A University. Since 2010, the…

Will NFTart be recognized as a realm of art?

Critics, curators, and professional collectors who are called experts in the existing art market are struggling with this. Perhaps what they want to say is that the intrinsic value of art, evaluated from the perspective of experts, is absent? Maybe that’s what they want to say?

What TriumphX wants to assert here is that NFTart also has intrinsic value. However, open data can prove its intrinsic value, not the experts who have worked without permission to build a reputation.

Below is a table that captures the CryptoPunk #3273 NFT detail page…

TriumphX, a developer of a cross-chain-based decentralized NFT platform, announced that Byundaeyong’s work has been released as an NFT.

Byundaeyong is a veteran artist who has been working in sculpture for over 20 years after completing a master’s course in sculpture. He became widely known for his Polar Bear series. He has a large fan base who likes his cute bear with a smooth surface and storytelling.

So far, he has been actively working with more than 40 individual exhibitions, more than 20 group exhibitions, and nearly 10 collaboration exhibitions, as well as numerous awards. In particular, through two exhibitions…

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