Crypto Formula holds the first sale of NFT membership

3 min readJul 4, 2022


CRYPTO FORMULA, a membership NFT project for racing fans, holds the first sale of the membership NFT, which includes SEOUL E-PRIX 2022 benefits, along with the exhibition of electric vehicles at Yeouido The Hyundai Seoul from 7/1–10.

The offline exhibition will be held on the first floor of The Hyundai Seoul Exclusive Label (luxury goods floor). Led by Kwon Taek-joong, art director of HNP, a space design company, and multimedia writer, Kim Sung-jin, CEO of Line System, which specializes in overseas exhibition displays such as CES, MWC, and IFA, will be the technical director, and Lee Seok Media Artist, known through collaboration with many popular idol music videos and luxury brands, will participate in the exhibition. At the exhibition site, a full-size electric car racing car will be presented along with multimedia sculptures.

During the days of the exhibition (7/1–10), the first sale of the Crypto Formula membership NFT will be held only at the site. Membership is divided into premium and basic.

Premium membership NFT will be given premium benefits to enjoy the privileges of SEOUL E-PRIX competitions and other future racing competitions, and this year’s premium benefits include two VVIP tickets of SEOUL E-PRIX and special merchandise goods.

Basic membership NFT is also given the benefits of various racing competitions. This year’s benefits include 2 general seats on the 1st and 2nd floors in the EAST wing. A total of 3,500 NFTs will be on sale during the exhibition.

The membership NFT includes a card-type design cold wallet with NFC technology, as well as a guidebook with project introduction, NFT application method, and transfer method for people who are not familiar with NFT. The membership can be easily paid in cash and cards. If you specify the seat you want and enter the delivery address, the membership will be sent by courier along with special merchandise products before the SEOUL E-PRIX competition.

E-PRIX 2022 is a global eco-friendly motorsports event that will be held from August 13 to 14 as the final championship competition for the 2022 season. The competition is held at Jamsil Main Stadium and its surrounding areas, featuring closer watch of the game. Additionally, as the competition will be held as part of the Seoul Festa 2022, which will run from August 10, and foreign tourists can get the luck of being invited to the opening ceremony of the Seoul Festa. Seoul Festa and E-PRIX are expected to be a global festival with colorful and various attractions and experiences.

After The Hyundai Seoul exhibition, the Crypto Formula team plans to continue the sale on the project website and on OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT marketplace, and plans to hold a party for premium membership holders.

Crypto Formula’s Membership NFT will be issued in the form of a futuristic racer PFP NFT. For holders of NFTs, crypto mining, breeding, airdrop, governance, and DeFi services of the Metaverse ecosystem are designed, and the Universe ecosystem includes discounts on tickets for various racing competitions, including E-PRIX competitions, and offline events for racing fans.




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