NFT will be released along with KMCA within April… artist “Lee-MokEul” will be on board

Artwork exhibited on K Modern Museum by ENFTEE NFT artist.

On April, there will be NFT release and online exhibition with “K Modern Museum”

As “Christie” and “Sotheby” recently expanded their area to the NFT market, the entire art auction market is paying attention to the crypto-art market. To prove this, the price of Seoul Auction Blue’s stock plus the related companies’ stock have risen after they announced to expand their field to the NFT market. Seoul Action Blue is a subsidiary company of “Seoul auction”.

However, TriumphX does not treat crypto-art as solely investment assets. The main theme of crypto-art is “Anyone can become an artist or a collector in this digital asset era”. Through cypto-art can digitalize and popularize the contemporary Art Market. In fact, the recent opening of web “” has helped young artists to transform their current off-line works to be digitalized.

In April, We are planning to exhibit NFT artworks in collaboration with K Modern Museum who have done many experimental exhibitions at public’s eye level.

K Modern Museum is located at Apgujeong Avenue with a total of six floors(approximately 5,000m²) using most of them for exhibition. It is the largest private museum in Gangnam. They refuse to display profitable artworks such as Andy Warhol Jr. or Picasso. Instead they introduce Modern arts from completely different perspective to the public.

TriumphX found out that the art museum was facing difficulties in digitalizing its exhibitions and decided to support through implementing the blockchain technology. Starting off with launching NTF art works, TRIX is planning to expand its business to art museum ticket NFT and online exhibitions. Moreover, Trix intends to utilize the blockchain technology in B2B transactions to expand its exhibition IP business.

NFT of KMCA soon to be exhibited by ENFTEE on March will be releasing different installation artworks. This is similiar to “Last Bookstore” or ‘Sweet Pop” exhibition which is about objet and phenomenas but expert Curators will be reinterpreting the art works thoroughly.

[The Last Bookstore] exhibition on KMCA
[Sweet Pop] exhibition on KMCA

Very Familiar ‘Lee Mok-Eul’ Artist also launches NFT

ENFTEE has hired a second full-time artist. Through many local and international art fairs, he is well-known for expressing hyper-realism that often causes confusion between fiction and real images. Artist Lee Mok-Eul is referred to as the master in contemporary arts. Due to his painting style expressing hyper-realism through ‘apple’ and ‘jujube’, he often appears in textbooks of different levels. Unfortunately, he can no longer present his work of hyper-realism because his vision has deteriorated recently.

Hyperrealism artworks by “Lee-Mokeul”, from

However, his new style of drawing is “smilelism” which best shows his unique jollity. Specially he has special affection to New series of work among his 20-years career. Triumph-X decided to launch ENFTEE with “Lee-MokEul” and his bright power. Meet different styles of “Smilelism” NFT at ENFTEE online!!

ENFTEE, introduced in

Another news! Triumph X will be signing a partnership contract with ‘dAppstore’ of dApp total market place. Through this partnership can boost up the synergy of co-working project and actively share experiences and knowledge between each other.

As an application store, dAppstore is providing services to users so that they can conveniently use the store. Moreover, it is interlocked with Osiris browser which is future web browser based on Web3.0. You can check the cool advertisement of ENFTEE on dAppstore main website.

The second series of Rosa [The Cyborg]

In addition, a second series [The Cyborg] was introduced following the [Rock & Robot] series of Rosa Fantasy, who was the first full-time artist of ENFTEE. Rosa announced to be a full-time digital artist after digitalizing her work through TriumphX.

The Cyborg

In this series, the artist criticizes the persistence of time over the past and the future, through incorporating cyborg in the traditional image of farmers. I wonder how the public will react to the collaboration between oriental thought and robot, which is future oriented, in the highly technological NFT market.

Cyborg Farmer of Rosa Fantasy

According to data from Crypto Art (, a service that tracks data on digital art trading platforms, the crypto art market recorded an all-time high of $8.2 million in December 2020, with the entire blockchain market paying attention to the possibility of the crypto art market in 2021. Rosa is deeply in agreement, and more and more artists are looking to enter the digital transition and NFT market like her.

TriumphX continues to build partnerships with a variety of partners who are looking at the same goal from ours. We will work with not only individual artists but also art industry

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