Triumph Korea operates job-linked metaverse education program with The Sandbox and Dongdaemun-gu Social and Economic Support Center again this year

3 min readFeb 22, 2023

- Successfully carrying out job-linked education project since 2022, achieving 45% employment rate

- Expanding curriculum to game planning and PM/PD courses in line with metaverse market

- Announcing its plan to contribute to potential of Web 3.0 metaverse market and growth of its ecosystem

- Providing full support by making all courses free and offering student benefits

Triumph Korea, a cross chain-based decentralized NFT platform developer, started accepting applications for the 4th “Metaverse Creator Training Program” along with The Sandbox, a global metaverse platform, and Dongdaemun-gu Social and Economic Support Center, a social cooperative located in Dongdaemun-gu.

Developing various metaverse contents with The Sandbox, Triumph Korea has been planning a metaverse creator training program with Dongdaemun-gu Social and Economic Support Center since 2022. Created with official partners of The Sandbox, the program has offered the first offline courses of its kind in Korea. Last year, around 60 creators completed the program, 45% of whom were hired by companies connected to The Sandbox. Supported by Seoul City Government and Dongdaemun-gu district office, the program will consist of two series of education this year as well.

The 4th program will add new courses on game planning and PM/PD training, as well as VoxEdit and Game Maker of The Sandbox, starting with metaverse theory. The curriculum has been strengthened to solve the lack of management and planning personnel issues in the metaverse market, which has seen growth and expansion of the creator pool.

The program features instructors who are official tutors of The Sandbox and those who are currently working in the industry with lots of experience. VoxEdit and Game Maker courses will be taught by Jung Yong-jo, an official tutor of The Sandbox and current instructors of Fast Campus and Korea Contents Lab in Pangyo. Web 3.0 Metaverse theory course will be taught by Triumph Korea’s blockchain-specialized CMO. Game planning course will be taught by an official tutor of The Sandbox who has worked as a PD in the game and IT industry for many years. PM/PD training will be conducted by Kim Hyung-joo from Y.GRAM, an official builder studio of The Sandbox, who has worked as an animation planning PM for many years.

Those who completed the program will be exempted from document screening when applying for The Sandbox Creator Fund and get to work for The Sandbox Creator Fund after cell assignment. In addition, they will be offered customized counseling for starting a studio business and benefit from ongoing business training upon request.

“We are hiring employees while collaborating on metaverse projects,” says Triumph Korea official. “Seeing the potential of Web 3.0 metaverse market, we are offering the education program again this year. We’d like to contribute to the growth of Web 3.0 metaverse ecosystem by training creators. Since the program has done well for employment and starting a business, we have expanded our education program to all areas of metaverse. We hope to receive lots of applications and attention.”

The program will be completely free of charge and is open to those who wish to get a job or to start a business in the 4th type of industry (Industry 4.0) related to metaverse platform. The classes will be held for 2 hours from 2 to 4 pm every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from April 3 to June 7, 2023 at Dongdaemun-gu Social and Economic Support Center. (A total of 27 training sessions including orientation) Applications are available through Google Form in the bulletin board of Dongdaemun-gu Social and Economic Support Center website.




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